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1963 I was preparing to be a subsitute for Florence Ballard of the Supremes never got the opportunity because I recorded 2 tracks for J. J. Jackson and Juggy Murray of Sue Records offered me a recording contract. Unfortunately it the contract wasn't signed because my parents wanted me to finish my high school education. While in negotiations with Sue Records, I met Ms.Tina Turner, Gary U.S. Bonds, hung out with the Shangri-las (we attended the same High School together (Andrew Jackson of Cambria Heights) and recorded a demo with the TOKENS!. Tina gave me good vocal pointers, how to dress and good and bad things about the business. She encourage me be strong and never take things for granted. Be a lady at all times they will respect you more. She treated me like her little sister. We saw each other around three times, before I knew it. She blew up became a star and the rest was history. Tina, may God bless you always!
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